Case Study

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Before – For this specific project I was contacted by an automotive speed shop to recreate their logo, which they felt did no properly represent the shop. They expressed to me that, while they did want a logo that was simple in color and design, it did not have the energy they were seeking nor the feel they desired.

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After – For the recreation of their logo, I added several different elements that I feel give logo energy and help it to relate to the consumer base. The design is also one that is easily printed onto banners and can be sewn or printed onto merchandise.

For inspirartion, I took my prior interest and knowledge of the automotive community to help determine the visual aspects of the design. Since the company is an automotive speed shop, I started with the idea of speed. The font chosen has a forward slant to it to indicate a visual sense of motion.The separations in the typeface also mimic the lines made by the outline of a racetrack in a video game or on tv. Next, the name of the company is also a component of all vehicles and its natural shape of a circle made it a no-brainer to use for the letter O. I then skewed the drawn image to match the tilt of the font while also adding sparks to further the image of speed. The end result is a simplistic, but expressive design that can be placed and recognized in many places.

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